HI! I’m Carly, a self-taught abstract artist from AZ. I work in vocational youth ministry and adore every second of it! I love sharing the heart of Jesus with the next generation of youth. In my free time, you can find me painting in my studio ALWAYS blasting music with my fav iced coffee! I am deeply inspired by color and believe art is meant to spark joy, inspire, and include PINK! (; 

I recently discovered my passion for painting and have been fearlessly pursuing it ever since. I am inspired by COLOR and how color makes you feel. I believe that art is meant to be fun, inspiring, and PINK! I never saw myself as an “artist” until I just decided to be one. I am an acrylic painter and an abstract lover all the way. I LOVE communicating my emotions through color on canvas and inspire others to do the same. When I’m not painting you can find me at the beach with my friends or chilling with my fam at home.

I love a warm & sunny day, laughing so hard you cry, thoughtful messages, cat snuggles, pink and orange eyeshadow, a beach sunset, all things comfy, and music you can’t help but sing along to. Painting is my therapy and brings bright, bold colors to the dimmest of days. There are no rules, only endless inspiration.