Isn’t it crazy how you can have a year that is filled with the most heart shattering but also joyfully thrilling moments at the same time? 

In 2019, God took control of my life. More than ever before. I was fighting to control and decide my own future because as an enneagram 6 I structure my life around “security”. I was holding on to a false sense of security. While for a few months I was livid, confused, and lost, I am so thankful that God took my life down a different path.

THROUGH MASSIVE CHANGE, GOD STARTED TO HEAL ME. He stepped in and spoke to my deep-rooted insecurities. He began blessing me with opportunities I would have never imagined. My year started with chaos, but I am excited to share that it has ended in a 100% different place This is what happens when you fully trust God.

What am I even talking about?? I feel like you guys have become my friends and even encouragers, so here is a life update for you (; I was in a 4+ year relationship that abruptly ended, with no answers. I had to change my entire mindset. I had to change the way I saw myself. I had to rewrite my ambitions, redirect my goals, and reimagine the future. I went from being “his girlfriend” to just Carly.


I finally took the time to 100% invest in myself. Investing in myself actually just meant running to God with EVERYTHING that was on my mind. I had never talked to God in my entire life as much as I did than the first few weeks of grieving the loss of my relationship. To be honest, I felt like I was dying. I could not see how the future would be okay, because all of my plans were wrecked. The smallest hope I had is what barely kept me going, and it was only rooted in God. I now had no other plan than to trust wherever God was taking me. I had no idea. I was so mad.

It turns out, God was leading me down a path that has changed my life. He started with my heart, like He always does. His patience, love, gentleness, comfort, peace, and Word invaded my heart.

This is when I saw who I truly was, no lies from the enemy.  

This is when I could finally sit in silence all by myself for hours and be happy without feeling alone.

This is where I decided to pursue my dreams but like FOR REAL.

This is when I saw the most growth I have ever seen in my business.

This is when I stopped messing around and half trusting God.

This is how my creative energy started bursting from every part of me and has yet to stop.

I think most of you can relate to part of my story within the past year.

There is always that one thing that happens to us, that hurts more than anything we have walked through before. We all have that defining moment where we decide how to react. Will we let it crush us, fall into sadness, and lose sight of our self-worth? OR WILL WE GET UP AND REDISCOVER OUR PURPOSE???? 

Let me be clear, I would not be here with joy in my heart and an attitude of hope without Jesus. I would not have an ounce of confidence without Jesus constantly invading my heart and taking control that I can proudly say I no longer want. 

I love being an artist. I love the connections you and I can make because of art. I just want you to see where I am coming from. I create joyful vibrant art in hopes that you could feel a sense of the joy I have gained. You deserve to wake up with hope for the future, no matter what you have walked through. You deserve to find joy in the small things and big things. You are so loved by Jesus, and all He wants is a relationship with you. Relationships are built on conversation. Take some time to talk and connect with God. He has so many words of love He would love to share with you and help you to actually believe them.

xo Carly