It can be so hard to find time to create. The truth is, creativity bombards us when it wants. We can’t pick and choose. For me, when there is inspiration, it takes over every part of my brain and that is all I can think about! (Most of the time this happens right before I want to fall asleep, it’s sometimes a bummer lol) If you are being honest with yourself, you know what you need. It is all about taking the time to get creative. Believe me, I get it. During the school year I am a full-time college student. That busy schedule can make it seem impossible to ever sit down and paint. Maybe you are in the same position- whether you are a student, a mom, or working a different day job. From experience, I feel so much better when I take “me time”. When you can figure out how to make time in your schedule to actually take that “me time”, your work will most definitely reflect it. You will begin to prioritize those chunks of time to create, and you will freaking thank yourself.  

            Being an artist requires a lot of time management and self-discipline. No one else can create your schedule for you or force you to get certain tasks done. I often struggle with the admin tasks. However, I struggle less when I put time on the calendar for when I will sit down and get it done. If you struggle with these types of tasks as well, it is vital for your creativity to not let them weigh over your head. Getting the admin tasks organized will also allow for more “me time” to spend quality time with your brushes and paints. I love to reward myself after a long week by scheduling a date with myself to paint. It is motivating and encouraging to look forward to a nice date with your paints (;

            This applies to commissions as well! MY FELLOW ARTISTS- DO NOT LET COMMISSIONS TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE. It is an honor and joy to take on custom orders, but they require self-restraint and control. Learning how many you can handle per month is key. There is no way to time this correctly other than practice and trial and error. I have had months where I take on waaaay too many orders, thinking I could handle it. The truth was, I was in way over my head and stressed to the max. When you have a long and unnecessary list of commissions weighing over your head, it will definitely feel like a burden and hassle to try to create original work from your soul. The essence of “me time” is simply finding the balance. I encourage you to find the balance between your daily schedule, custom orders, and admin tasks to start thriving in your artistic journey. Remind yourself often why you create and why that passion sets your soul on fire. And then you must let it do just that!