We all need pep talks every once in a while. We all need someone to remind us that we matter and that our work matters. This is about getting a tribe of people who support you, because you deserve it girl. If you are passionate about something, do not pursue it alone! When you set your heart on a hobby, etc, you are going to face obstacles, criticism, self-doubt, etc. You will need people who are honest with you yet remind you of why you started. Keep the end goal in mind. Get people you can ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and seek advice from. This is vital to your survival, in my opinion. And also, babes supporting babes is the best. Girls just love to be in a community of love and support. This is why social media exists! TO CONNECT.

            I get asked all the time if I am in an engagement pod of some sort. The answer is NO. It is always better to create genuine relationships with your peers on Instagram. Turn them into your friends. I have met some of the most amazing people on Insta that have turned into friends I text on the daily. If you admire someone’s work, send them a DM! When I have a compliment to say, I ALWAYS comment or send a DM. If I get into the habit of scrolling and thinking those compliments to only myself, I know that will never create any sort of connection. Aaaand sending comments and messages of kindness just furthers an environment on social media of encouragement and support. Other people will notice your engagement that is genuine and kind and will probably want to engage with you as well. Before you know it, your insta circle begins to expand and you have created friends that you never thought you would have.

            HOWEVER, nothing bothers me more than when I see “engagement” on my page from people that I can tell are only dishing out something nice to get my attention. These are the people that do not follow me and leave the most generic or random messages that clearly have nothing to do with the actual post. I BEG YOU, please do not engage in this way! If you want to build a community of friendship and support, it has to be genuine. You have to be your true self and create your own connections. If you find a commonality, jump on that opportunity and spark up a conversation. You got this!