I believe we all have a distinct purpose to live out. We all have unique strengths, personalities, gifts, and dreams to bring to the table. I actually believe that we are hurting the people around us when we DON’T contribute our authentic voices and abilities. 

Have you ever asked yourself “What’s the point?” Like seriously have you felt so lost about what your purpose is? I have, and that is so hard to admit. I did not even know that truth in the moment. I always thought I knew who I was and what I was good at. I knew I was meant to bring people some sort of joy and vibrancy and light. However, I felt so neutral and complacent. I had no energy or passion filling up my soul, because I actually had noooo idea where to start. I just wasn’t passionate about anything. 

I would say that my dreams came to life and my own purpose started to become clear when I let go of all of my fears and started acknowledging that I was an artist, an abstract pink loving artist, who all of a sudden adored showing up on Instagram to share my voice and experiences to my little corner of the internet. My perspectives, motivations, intentions, and determination began to completely shift. I knew that I was finding clarity, slowly but surely, on what my purpose is. 

I WANT TO BRING JOY, VIBRANCY, HOPE, FEMININITY, ENERGY, (the list goes on) TO ANYONE THAT SEES MY ART. I am dedicating my time to sharing every single day a little snippet into my pink-filled world. I am here to create connections, grow relationships, and get vulnerable in ways I never thought I could with sooo many people. I can be vulnerable through deep and impactful words one day, but maybe the next day being vulnerable simply means sharing my art. It is hard. I’ll admit I often feel terrified, overlooked, undervalued, or too open. However, I know that my purpose involves more than being trapped by feelings of insecurity or anxiety. 

A little while ago I asked you guys, my AMAZING follower fam, what does the color PINK mean to YOU. I’ll be honest, I probably asked this because I was bored and thought it would be cool to hear some quirky answers. I did not know that your answers would touch my heart SOOOOO deeply and validate so many of my emotions that are so deeply intertwined with my purpose. I’m going to list out the overwhelming number of adjectives, phrases, and more:

Beauty, happiness, it brings out the real me, uplifting, loveable, thankful, bubbly, happy energy that leaves me calm, represents motherhood, flowers, playful, feminine, passion, spontaneity, exhilaration, girly, comfort, pretty, inspiring, positivity, youth, fresh, bold, it’s the ultimate “put a smile on your face” color, my teenage years, lively, it means I am free to be who I truly am, parties, power, the best color God created, and strength.


Can you see why my heart is exploding?????????? Pink is such a special color to me, and it plays a vital role in all of my art. It is part of my purpose. Pink helps me to accomplish the goal of bringing at least one person a little more joy. This is kind of a rant but also that is kind of who I am, so I am totally okay with it hahaha. I am thankful that YOU are here to encourage me to live out my purpose. I truly and deeply hope that I am encouraging you to live out yours as well. If you read this, I would love for you to shoot me a DM about what you believe your own purpose is. @paintingsbycar on insta (; xoxoxo